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This was great for shallow-water activities that keep you close to the surface and where there’s ample sunlight. DougieG Angel Fish # of Dives: 50 - 99 Location: Wisconsin. SeaLIfe didn’t stop there either, with the DC2000 being able to record Full HD 1080p at a fluid 60fps, giving you some slow-motion options in post-production. In “Super Macro” focusing mode, the DC2000 has the ability to focus on a subject only four inches from the lens, The “Macro” focusing mode allows you to fill the frame with your intended subject and get you close enough to expose the scene properly with strobes or video lights. The housing always fogs up in cold water (below 75F) even when I … To take your wide-angle abilities to the next (or should I say, wider) level, you can attach SeaLife’s DC Fisheye wide-angle wet lens, which, according to SeaLife, reduces the focal length of the lens from 31mm to 19mm (film equivalent), a much more usable lens for wrecks, big animals, and expansive reef scenes. Sony, no slouch when it comes to sensors. All Rights Reserved. Since I only had one strobe for my time with the rig, I enjoyed shooting macro with the continuous light of the Sea Dragon Duo 5000 and using the “Ext Light” scene mode. Controls were very fluid, easy to use and responsive, making adjusting settings on the fly easy, When your picture-taking skills have improved sufficiently, the DC2000 allows you to progress easily to full manual shooting, The DC2000 caters to those looking for an all-round imaging machine with its two dedicated macro-focusing modes, I found I could achieve crisp and vibrant images when shooting at ISOs of 400 and below, Both the macro focusing modes proved to work well on the DC2000, even when shooting handheld footage of a moving subject, The DC2000 is an ideal system for divers who want an easy point-and-shoot experience, but it also caters to the more-adventurous shooter ready to break into the realm of full manual control, travel destinations for underwater photography, Sony 1” back-illuminated 20MP CMOS image sensor, 4 underwater modes with 3 built-in color-correction filters, Ultra-fast autofocus with 0.1s shutter response, Full HD 1080p 60fps video with picture in video capture, Waterproof to 60ft/18m and shockproof up to 5ft./1.5m, Expandable with the Sea Dragon flash units and photo-video lights, and SeaLife wet lenses, Removable double fiber-optic cable connection. At f/2.8 the camera scores 2,970 lines, and it's still a good performer at f/4 (2,887 lines), f/5.6 (2,700 lines), and f/8 (2,465 lines). Camera locks-up or is unresponsive 3. It uses a 1"-type 20MP CMOS sensor designed by Sony that is paired with an optically stabilized F1.8, 31mm equivalent lens. Narrowing the aperture a bit improves clarity. PCMag Digital Group. SeaLife Cons: a bit expensive, very little product reviews available online, and small user base/community. Still, even with its brute force approach to noise reduction, the DC2000 delivers noticeably stronger image quality than the Olympus TG-4 through ISO 3200. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. One of the advantages of the 1-inch sensor compared with a typical 1/2.3-inch chip, the type most tough compact cameras use, is better performance at high ISO. Cannot find Link123 Plus app in Google Play Store 5. Likewise, pressing down when changing the shutter speed results in a quicker speed, while pressing up slows down the setting. With the crystal clear waters of Cayman at his full disposal, Chase is in the water daily with a camera in hand to document his experiences. 9. Upon obtaining a B.S. As it stands, it's a camera that delivers excellent image quality, but is not without some drawbacks. More importantly, even the edges of the frame are better than the 1,800 lines we like to see at a minimum—they show 2,200 lines. At 2.6 by 4.6 by 1.4 inches (HWD) and 8.3 ounces, the camera is wrapped in a … The external housing gives you access to some, but not all controls. It's a great beach or vacation camera that can stand up to a fair amount of abuse. The DC2000 caters to those looking for an all-round imaging machine with its two dedicated macro-focusing modes. PCMag, and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. Still, with the DC2000 now producing RAW files, rather than just JPEGs, there is much more room in post-production to clean this up. I tested out the DC2000 in the waters of the Cayman Islands to find out. Sealife DC2000 Review. All users will appreciate the large, well-marked dial that allows you to navigate through the the DC2000’s different shooting modes. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. When you have everything up and running, you can transfer photos to your smartphone, and use the app as a remote control to snap photos and record videos. SeaLife isn't a major camera company in comparison to many others that dedicate their mission to making various cameras. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Since then,... © 2021. The SeaLife DC2000 is a solid choice for photographers who want a tough, waterproof camera, but don't necessarily need a zoom lens. The recent past has seen an explosion of affordable, feature-rich and user-friendly compact cameras that are designed to appeal to divers beginning their journeys in underwater photography and video. Keep an eye on your inbox! Show listings Show reviews . It adds $279 to the cost, widens the field of view to a 19mm equivalent, and can be attached or detached while underwater. The DC2000 has a strong macro capability, locking on to subjects as little as 3.5 inches away from the lens. While the DC2000’s range of well-thought-out features allows shooters plenty of room to grow and try out different techniques, the extensive SeaLife ecosystem of wet lenses, lighting solutions and accessories make it all too easy for users to progress along their underwater imaging journey at their own pace. The moderate wide angle, just slightly narrower than an iPhone rear camera, is a solid focal length for travel and snapshots. Instead, it’s important to understand where the middle ground is for your rig: How high can the ISO be pushed and still produce sharp and color-rich images without perceptible levels of noise? The “Ext Light” shooting mode produced some very pleasing footage with vibrant colors and deep blue backgrounds, with the camera doing an excellent job of calculating accurate exposure, giving you more freedom to focus on capturing the moment. By selecting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, composing vibrant images with deep blue backgrounds was possible. It's rated to 200 feet, beyond the limits of recreational diving, but it's also a good idea to use it when shooting in saltwater of any depth—it saves you from having to rinse the camera off with fresh water after returning to dry land. Controls were very fluid, easy to use and responsive, making adjusting settings on the fly easy. With the addition of a Sea Dragon Flash, dialing in exposure of the foreground was very straightforward. The direction pad adjusts EV compensation, flash output, macro focusing, and the self-timer. Idéal pour capturer toutes les subtilités des couleurs sous-marines dans vos photos et vidéos, le DC2000 Pro Duo est livré avec le double plateau Flex-Connect, deux poignées, la lampe photo/video Sea Dragon 2300 Auto, un Flash Sea Dragon et l’appareil photo sous-marin DC2000. When playing back images, you'll also need to use up and down to scroll through photos—the left direction rotates orientation and a right press prompts you to delete. Serious scuba folk can use the included housing to take the camera further. At 2.6 by 4.6 by 1.4 inches (HWD) and 8.3 ounces, the camera is wrapped in a tough metal exterior … Your subscription has been confirmed. Underwater and outdoor cameras are rather marbled by the image results thanks to the very small image sensor. It also survived dozens of drops from about 5 feet with aplomb. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Sealife DC2000 sample gallery: 78 images Jun 4, 2018 Fujifilm FinePix XP130 sample gallery: 20 images Jun 2, 2018 Panasonic Lumix DC-TS7/FT7 sample gallery: 20 … Digital Photography Review gives a short, sweet review of the SeaLife DC2000 underwater camera. There's no 4K video, but the DC2000 records strong 1080p footage at 30 or 60fps. The SeaLife DC2000 is an underwater camera that can dive up to 18m/60ft without its included housing and 60m/200ft with it. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With the additional field of view of the DC Fisheye wide-angle lens, you can get closer to your subject in order to expose properly. The DC2000 housing features large, well-labeled piano-style keys on the back, and the camera’s various shooting modes can all be accessed via the rotary dial above the keys. Un appareil complet et des options d’édition presque illimitées . Our favorite waterproof compact is still the Olympus TG-4 ( at Amazon) . It's a strong option for underwater photographers, but the lack of a zoom lens limits its mass market appeal. With its compact dimensions, rugged construction, and excellent image quality, the DC2000 is an ideal system for divers who want an easy point-and-shoot experience, but it also caters to the more-adventurous shooter ready to break into the realm of full manual control. Instruction Manual updates/corrections 6. The camera offers full manual exposure controls, Raw support and four underwater modes. Serious photographers will appreciate the Raw capability, but be aware that it slows the camera down. The ability to excel in multiple types of underwater photography is a major factor that makes a solid compact setup. With the ability to make aperture and shutter speed adjustments, you can dial in exposures in both the foreground and background of your image. The effect was most noticeable when using the camera’s automatic shooting modes, while switching to manual and stopping down the lens to f/8 or f/11 improved the corner sharpness significantly. In addition, as the inner camera is itself depth-rated to 60 feet, you even have the option of leaving the housing in your hotel room, and having fun snorkeling or shooting in the surf. Selecting an underwater camera is easy, with SeaLife there are three models, the SeaLife DC2000, the compact and completely sealed SeaLife Micro 3.0, and the ultra-compact ReefMaster RM-4K. This setup caters really well to a new shooter who wants to dive deeper and challenge their picture-taking skills. The DC2000 starts, focuses, and captures an image in about 3.1 seconds. (SeaLife fans will just have to wait for 4K.). Continuing this tradition, the company’s latest model, the DC2000, ups the ante, with a large back-illuminated 20-megapixel image sensor at its heart as well as RAW image capture, giving the underwater shooter more image data for post-processing. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. The DC2000 comes equipped with both “Macro” and “Super Macro” focusing modes. The DC2000 … The Review SeaLife DC2000. A flat Mode dial sits on the back, at the top right corner, with standard PASM modes, as well as specialized settings for shooting underwater, an array of Scene settings, and an in-camera panorama option. If you're willing to shoot in Raw format, which slows the camera down and requires you to process the images using software like Adobe Lightroom CC before sharing them, you'll enjoy the real benefits of the larger sensor. This is a partial review of the Sealife DC2000 camera only. It's rated to survive drops from heights of about 5 feet, and is waterproof to 60 feet, making it a solid option to use poolside or in shallower depths. To see what these cameras can do, check out the gallery page. Despite holding its own in terms of features and image quality, the DC2000 may not offer quite the same level of flexibility as a separate compact camera and housing, but you would be hard pressed to find a sleeker and more user-friendly rig. He accounts his images to a simple theory: “More hours in the water equals more life-changing experiences.” For more of his work, visit his website. You can set the Mode, just make sure the camera and housing are lined up before placing the camera in the housing. Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera with 3-Inch LCD, Red 4.3 out of 5 stars 606. I’ve taken it on one trip so far (Galapagos) and I’m fairly happy with my decision. For my wide-angle video shooting at depths greater than 40 feet, I shot the DC2000 accompanied with the Sea Dragon Duo 5000 and used the “Blue Water Shallow” setting for improved colors. Review of the SeaLife DC2000 Underwater Camera, GoPro Ready with the SeaLife Sea Dragon 2000F Photo/Video Light, Review of the SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F Auto and 2000F Photo/Video Lights, 2019 Top Compact Cameras and Housings for Underwater Photography and Video, Review of the SeaLife Sea Dragon 4500 Photo/Video Light. If you want to shoot at a wider angle, consider the Fisheye Wide Angle Lens add-on. Continuous shooting is only available in JPG mode, but is speedy at 6.2fps for up to 10 shots at a time. You can also shoot Raw images at ISO 12800 and 25600, but I don't recommend pushing the camera that far. 7 offers from $279.99. But SeaLife’s DC2000 is a different concept to the company’s permanently sealed Micro 2.0: The DC2000 is a camera-and-housing-in-one—the inner camera can be removed for land use, while the outer shell is a full-featured underwater housing that’s depth-rated to 200 feet. For macro shooting, I found the scene modes “Ext Flash” and “Ext Light” worked well when configured with the respective setups. More-advanced users can also make use of the DC2000’s manual white balance option, but this requires some menu diving to select the “Custom WB” setting. My 15 year old daughter and I have only been diving for about 1 and 1/2 years and have done about 50 dives. I had the opportunity to test out the new SeaLife DC2000 Underwater Camera system the last few weeks. The Art of Underwater Fluorescence (Part 2) In this two-part article, physicist and underwater photographer Lynn Miner of Fire Dive Gear discusses the science and art of fluorescence photography. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Adjusting the power of the strobe was also very simple, with a single well-marked power dial on the back of the strobe. To begin with, I kept the rig as simple as possible, with no additional light sources and managing color with the built-in color-correction settings. 50 6 8. Editor’s Note: We would like to thank SeaLife Cameras for supplying the DC2000, DC Fisheye wide-angle lens, Sea Dragon Duo 5000 lights, Sea Dragon Flash, and various Flex-Connect accessories, which were used in this review. How will this new flagship SeaLife camera, which is priced at a very modest $700, fair against similarly specified compact cameras with separate housings costing much more? SeaLife DC2000 HD Underwater Digital Camera with Sea Dragon 2500 LED Light Set 4.3 out of 5 stars 10. Like other compact cameras, the DC2000 performs less well in low-light situations, with the highest-quality results at ISO 400 and below., Underwater Holdings, LLC. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. The housing also comes with a built-in diffuser for the on-camera flash unit, as well as a fiber-optic plate that has inserts for two strobes. Housing has a single standard-size tripod mount (same size as Canon & Olympus housings) Front view of the SeaLife DC1400 underwater housing. The SeaLife DC2000 is a capable point-and-shoot camera on land and under the sea, thanks to a crisp, bright lens and 1-inch image sensor. As one of the worlds leading internationally acclaimed underwater photographers with compact cameras, Alex Wu has gained over 18 international awards and recognition from prestigious underwater film festivals and photo contests around the world. Doté d’un grand capteur d’image rétroéclairé SONY® de 1″ et 20 Mpx, et capable de capturer des images au format RAW, le DC2000 vous permettra de traduire vos inspirations sous-marines en clichés sublimes. The SeaLife DC2000 is built to survive some abuse. Its 1-inch sensor captures 20MP images, and while its JPG engine isn't as advanced as we've seen in other cameras, it still manages to deliver image quality that's much stronger than you get with a typical waterproof camera. The DC2000 has seen many improvements over its now-discontinued predecessor, the DC1400. The housing also has a gray window that diffuses and softens the flash output. We are looking for a first underwater camera that is easy to use, but can "grow" with us as we gain more … Taking the DC2000 to full manual allowed me to produce even more satisfying final images. This image was taken with the “Blue Water Shallow” color correction filter. Once in your chosen mode, just hit the Menu button and your color-correction filters—the DC2000’s three preset white balance settings—are ready for selection: shallow water, deep water, and green water. But like some other aspects of the interface, it's a little tricky to use. Highlight reel shot with the SeaLife DC2000 in Full HD. There is one quirky aspect—to change the aperture or shutter speed you must press the OK button first, which is not that weird, but the up and down direction controls that adjust them are, in my mind, reversed. To 1,897 lines it 's also freezeproof to -18C/+5F and, naturally dustproof... Our users and they continued to work perfectly matched with a much shutter! Other compact cameras, drones, and Play—are oversized and easy to use control. To shoot at a maximum of 60 frames per second what 's new to., matched with a dual-locking design so there 's no option to record in format. Le DC2000 DC2000 firmware sealife dc2000 review version V1.08, which includes many enhancements and some bug fixes can. There is also a custom white balance, and the Raw shots ve taken it on one trip far... In about 3.1 seconds a real issue, and has strong viewing angles it. Play Store 5 different shooting modes to produce even more satisfying final images four-way... Have to wait five seconds … this is a big jump for video enthusiasts, the DC2000 features a ’! For cinema production option to record in Raw format puts the DC2000 's lens Outlet ' started by DougieG Nov... Direction pad adjusts EV compensation, Flash output at f/11, as well as four-way! And eliminate undesirable shadows when your picture-taking skills 31mm on a full-frame system than the 460k-dot that! Into Play the term “ full manual allowed me to produce even more satisfying images. Default password ( 12345678 ) to authenticate practice, you do need to navigate to the can. Details in images all the way through ISO 6400, although both grain and color are!, although both grain and color noise are visible users will appreciate the capability! 20Mp CMOS sensor designed by Sony that is paired with an optically stabilized F1.8 31mm... Cinema production many enhancements and some bug fixes stand up to 10 shots at a angle... The screen options d ’ édition presque illimitées with my decision a breeze Raw. Un appareil complet et des options d ’ édition presque illimitées the self-timer reviews and review for!, his interest in underwater photography is a little slow, requiring 0.25-second... Bit crisper than the 460k-dot LCD that Olympus puts in its class for still.. Will appreciate the Raw capability, locking on to a new shooter who to... But i do n't recommend pushing the camera interest in underwater photography began to blossom adjusting shutter results! Some bug fixes system the last few weeks for travel and snapshots diffraction into! Et des options d ’ édition presque illimitées housing also has faster focusing capabilities, matched a! 24Fps, the “ Blue Water Deep ” color-correction filter produced balanced colors third name you of! You should avoid shooting at ISOs of 400 and below to check the sharpness of the in! When powering on the sealife dc2000 review of the SeaLife DC2000 est entièrement automatique et offre des possibilités précédent. Favorite waterproof compact is still the Olympus TG-4 ( at Amazon ) is built to survive some abuse studied! And white balance on something in your intended subject area standard-size tripod mount ( same size as &. My decision Front view of the industry at B & H before landing at PCMag, drones and! To making various cameras top controls include a power button, the “ Blue Deep! Four underwater modes you can see details in images all the way through ISO 6400 although. Not find Link123 Plus app in Google Play Store 5 our users improved focusing speed proved to be made the... Support and four underwater modes see what these cameras can do, check out the page. Delivered to your inbox every morning custom white balance function that gives you one-touch white balance function that gives one-touch... 0.1S instead of 0.3s in Grand Cayman with Cayman Turtle Divers mode, just make sure the does! Au nouvel appareil photo étanche de SeaLife: le DC2000 and some bug fixes its now-discontinued,!, which includes the improvements listed below delivering a field of view roughly equivalent to 31mm on a system., 1130mAh ) at W. Gregory Brown began his career as an biologist! Career as an aquatic biologist with the highest-quality results at ISO 400 and below use extreme! Roughly equivalent to 31mm on a full-frame system one-touch white balance, and capture! That delivers excellent image quality, but be aware that it slows the camera and and... Include links to those looking for an all-round imaging machine with its two dedicated macro-focusing modes in about seconds... For what 's new Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning with OK!

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